MJF Zoom timetable starting Monday 15th February

Monday 6pm Zumba with Tamsin
Tuesday 6pm Pump/Tone and Stretch with Michelle
Wednesday 6pm Combat/aggression release ???? with Tamsin
Thursday 6pm Body Blitz with Michelle
Friday 6pm Zumba with Tamsin
Sunday 10am Zumba with Tamsin

Zumba = if you know you know ????
Pump/Tone and stretch = is a weights class with a stretch of all muscle groups to achieve optimum results
Combat = great cardio class to get rid of any aggression in these strange times also great shoulder and upper body toning class
Body Blitz = all round fitness class including cardio, toning and all body conditioning

Yoga classes with Becky

Tuesday MORNING 7.30am
Wednesday EVENING 7pm
Thursday EVENING 7pm

There will be a yin yoga ashtanga yoga and a mix
These classes will complement and enhance your other workouts and also VERY good for the mind in these stressful uncertain times we are dealing with

Due to COVID-19 there are lots of changes to MJF
Before you attend any class for the first time since March 2020 you MUST agree to the new covid terms and conditions. You will find the Parq form with all the information on in the Before You Arrive section of the website. You will need to fill this out and bring with you to your first class.
Thank you
Michelle x


Classes hoping to restart W/C September 7th 2020 follow facebook Michelle Jump Robinson or instagram michellesjumpfitness for more info


For more info visit the Nutrition section of the website or call Michelle on 07976 372132 or

Marske Leisure Centre