Firstly let me introduce Nina who will be working with me on the nutrition side of things! Nina has progressed rapidly and built up a great reputation with 10 years experience in this industry. Achieving great results with her clients. Nina uses her knowledge and experience to specifically train females and males who want to lose/gain weight or alter their body composition, with expertise in nutrition and female fat loss. What we will offer is an initial 6 week nutrition plan with the option of after the 6 weeks upgrading or downgrading or obviously staying on for another 6 weeks of the same plan! For more info about upgrading and downgrading please ask.

The plan includes

• a varied diet plan designed around your start weight and will be specific for your weight height and activity levels in and out of class

• flexible options on 3 meals and 2 snacks per day

• education on basic nutrition

• guidance on portion control

•  FREE (chargeable to those not on a plan) 6 weekly seminar covering LOTS of topics regarding nutrition and lifestyle

• closed Facebook group for continued support from Nina and I and other members

• fortnightly weigh ins

We are looking to have this up and running and ready to start Monday 5th March! Weigh ins will be held fortnightly by me at the Leisure Centre on a Saturday morning BEFORE 9.15! 


Any questions please contact Michelle 07976 372132