We started attending Zumba classes in Marske in June 2010. We both desperately needed to lose weight for our holiday to Mexico in September.

When we pulled into the car park we very nearly decided to turn around again and go home as we thought the class would be full of skinny minnies and we would be the only non size 10's!!!

Anyway, we absolutely loved the class and were pleased to see other familiar faces from the slimming club that we had joined the previous week.

Neither of us are particularly fond of exercising but Zumba really is just like a party. We were both dripping with sweat by the end of the class but both felt like we really didn't want the class to end.

We now go to Zumba frequently and we have even started doing Pump to help tone up.

In 3 months we have lost 43 lbs between us, (Kay: 1 stone 4 lbs and Zoe: 1 stone 9lbs).

We are both now so close to our target weight and can't wait to go shopping for our new holiday clothes!

SO a big thanks and keep up the good work!
Kay aged 27 years and Zoe aged 34 years both Redcar

Body Attack:

"I was reluctantly dragged along to the Monday evening Attack Class by my sister over a year ago.

My level of fitness was not fantastic and so I was advised by the instructor to work at my own pace and not do anything that I felt uncomfortable with.
I found the class pretty hard going, but Body Attack was unlike any aerobics class I had ever been to before. The class was taught by two teachers, (Rachael & Michelle) and it was absolutely amazing. Many classes I have been to in the past are taught by teachers who I now consider to be amateurs compared to Rachael & Michelle.
I am now totally hooked on the classes. I go to lots more that Jump Fitness offer.

I would recommend Jumps classes to anybody, of any age and fitness level. The instructors are really friendly and welcomes all, puts you at ease straight away and makes exercising a pleasure."
Susan. Age 33 from Redcar



"I have been attending Pump classes at Marske Leisure Centre for almost five years now. I find the instructors to be extremely enthusiastic and really push you to be the best that you can be. I feel that Pump helps to maintain the shape and tone I have achieved throughout my body, and along with the other classes that I attend, (Attack, Pilates and Combat), I am able to maintain my ideal Body Weight.
Jumps classes come highly recommended."
Charlotte. Age 27 from New Marske.

"The session allows you to work as hard as you wish due to the adjustable weights and I can honestly say it is one of the best training session I have ever been to. After each session I really feel that I have worked hard and have already noticed the benefits."
David Goodchild, Sport Science Lecturer and Semi Pro Footballer, Aged 34, Guisborough

"Body Pump classes are the best classes that I have ever been to. It works every muscle in my body leaving me with the feel good factor and the knowledge that I have trained to my full potential. I always look forward to the classes and know that any training I have missed or if I have under trained, I will make up for it in Body Pump. The staff make you feel very welcome and push you to your own personal limits making you work harder and smarter."
Anthony Hume, Sport Student & Semi Pro Footballer, Ages 20, Middlesbrough



"I attend two Pilates classes per week along with my husband. We started doing Pilates as my husband suffered from a slipped disc and his physiotherapist recommended attending Jumps classes as a preventative measure for the future.

We both feel that Pilates plays a major role in helping to keep our back strong and healthy. The class is taught in levels, always beginning with the most basic option, working up towards an advanced level. My husband generally manages most of the advanced exercises now, and I would consider my self as at an intermediate level. We have both also noticed that we experience back pain if we miss a week or two, so this is testament to us that Pilates really works.

Our daughter has also recently started attending Pilates classes on an evening and is also reaping the benefits."
Joan. Age 59 from Redcar


Legs, Bums & Tums:

"Having never exercised since I was at school, Jump recommended that I ease myself into exercise by attending Legs, Bums & Tums. I wanted to exercise as I had gained over 3 stone since having my children and was desperate to lose weight.

I managed to persuade a friend to come along with me as I felt really nervous about going along on my own, but I was surprised at how relaxed the class was. The teacher was really friendly and I found the class really enjoyable.

After 3 weeks I decided to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, so I also attended Body Step and Body Combat as well.

I now attend Body Step, Body Attack, Bums & Tums, Pilates, Body Combat and Body Balance. I also cycle 3 times per week and go jogging on a weekend.

I started the classes on 7th January 2008, and when I went on holiday on 27th July 2008, weighing in at 2 stone 5 lbs lighter, wearing a size 12 bikini!

I never thought that going along to the Legs, Bums and Tums classes back in January would change my life as much as it has. So a big thank you to Rachael and her team of instructors for helping me."
Zoe. Age 28 years from Marske.


Fit, Fabulous and 50+

"Every week I look forward to the Wednesday morning 50+ class at Marske. It is a really friendly class, we always get a great workout and no two weeks are the same.

My husband died 3 years ago and I started going to the class shortly afterwards. I have made a really great group of friends from the class, we have lunch once a week and frequently go to the cinema, theatre and shopping together. The class has helped to keep me fit and active, but more importantly has been my life line since losing my husband.

I would recommend this to every women of the 50+ category!!"
Sheila. Aged 66, New Marske.


Body Combat

"I absolutely adore Body Combat! It's a great stress reliever and fat burner. Even though sometimes when I finish work I feel like going home to sit on the sofa and eat chocolate biscuits, I always push myself to go to Combat as I feel so good once I have done the class. And, as I have worked so hard in the class I never eat naughty food afterwards. I am much more tempted to have a healthy salad as I don't want all the work I have done to go to waste. I think this is a key factor in helping me to maintain my ideal weight."
Lisa. Aged 44, Redcar.