Welcome From Michelle - Creator of Michelles Jump Fitness

Well a little bit about me! I've been in the fitness industry, teaching classes and training personal training clients for 13 years (from 2005), however as of February 25th 2018 I am now the owner of the Jump classes which run from Marske Leisure Centre. Prior to that I was a professional dancer in theatres and cruise ships around the world. I've always been active right from the age of 3, I was never very good at sitting still and even struggle now ;-)!

I think I'm the luckiest person in the world as I've always done a job that I love! I don't consider it work but fun. Fitness is a passion of mine and before I became a fitness instructor I was a regular class member myself! I love to motivate and encourage people to achieve more than they think they can!! Fitness is a lot of fun and has amazing benefits that whether you come to 1 or 21 classes a week it's ALWAYS better than NONE!

We are a friendly bunch, staff and members alike so please pop along drop me an email or give me a call I'd be happy to help and advice any way I can. On this site you will find details of all our fantastic fitness classes that are currently held at Marske Leisure Centre.

Improve your body shape and fitness in our Fun, Energetic Workouts. Come along and experience our diverse, effective and exciting programme of classes. Everyday we see many new faces venture into our classes and each new face presents us with a new challenge. Most people come along to the classes because they have a goal they wish to achieve.

That goal could be:

- Weight loss

- To Tone Up

- To Increase Strength

- To Improve Fitness

- To get Back into Shape after Pregnancy

- To Feel Healthier

- To prepare for a Sporting Event

- To Meet New Friends

So, what's different about these classes?

- Have you ever turned up to a class only to be told that the instructor has phoned in sick/not turned up?

- Have you ever participated in a class taught by a miserable instructor who would clearly rather be elsewhere?

- Have you ever been in a class where you question the instructor's ability?

- Have you ever been in a class where you are faced yet again with the same old routine you were doing six months ago?

- Have you ever come out of a class wondering why you ever bothered going in the first place?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, perhaps you have been going to the wrong class!

Workout Timetable:As you will see from the timetable there are many different types of classes running - therefore offering you the diversity required to maintain your interest. Regularly changing routines combined with passionate and enthusiastic teachers eliminates the risk of you becoming bored.Despite being individuals, undoubtedly we all have one common goal - we all want to improve the way we look, and this is the number one reason people attend our classes. Our goal is to offer the best possible level of service and results to anyone who walks through the door. Whatever your goal is, I am confident that you will find what you are looking for here. If you have never been to our classes before, please read the Before You Arrive page on our website.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

'Improvement Comes One Day At A Time'