Before You Arrive:

Booking is not required for classes; you just need to turn up, however, please arrive 10 minutes early to the classes to be sure of a place and to complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire at your first class. 


This is also an ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns with your instructor.


We ask all new participants to complete a health questionnaire before commencing exercise. You can either print this form off to complete and take with you to your first class, which saves a bit of time on the day, but if you prefer, forms are provided in class. 


Click here to access the form. 


Your instructor will discuss with you any contraindications to exercise which may be highlighted from your health questionnaire.


Bring along a bottle of water and ensure you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and supportive trainers to all classes, with the exception of Pilates where we wear either socks or exercise barefoot. 


Please note that unfortunately due to insurance issues, it is not possible for children to wait in or around the classes whilst parents/guardians exercise. 


It is importnat to arrive to all classes in good time and fully participate in both the warm up and cool down.It's a good idea to click onto the Classes page of this website to read the overview for each class. This will help ensure that classes that you attend are safe, effective and enjoyable.


Enjoy the class!!